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Decentralized energy system in the education center Energy generation up-to-date Energy storage: state of charge up-to-date Energy consumption up-to-date PV CARPORT 1000 KW PV PRACTICE HOUSE 1000 KW PV SMALL WIND TURBINE 0 KW PV AGR MACHINERY HALL 0 KW PV HEADQUARTERS 0 KW REDOX-FLOW-STORAGE 0 KW LITHIUM-ION-STORAGE 600 KW SALT-WATER-STORAGE 8 KW WELDING WORKSHOP…



Self-sufficiency and self-consumption in the microgrid Use of self-produced electricity Direct consumption Battery charge Battery discharge Grid purchase Delivery to the grid Quantity ofOwnconsumption Degree of self-sufficiency TODAY 30 DAYS 90 DAYS 365 DAYS Energy balance 12 Month Energy Generation (EG) Energy Storage (ES) Energy Consumption (EC) kWh SEPEE kWhES kWhEV kWhOKTEE kWhES kWhEV kWhNOVEE…