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Self-sufficiency and self-consumption in the microgrid Use of self-produced electricity Direct consumption Battery charge Battery discharge Grid purchase Delivery to the grid Quantity ofOwnconsumption Degree of self-sufficiency TODAY 30 DAYS 90 DAYS 365 DAYS Decentralized energy system in the education center Energy generation up-to-date Energy storage: state of charge up-to-date Energy consumption up-to-date PV CARPORT…



Energy balance 12 Month Energy Generation (EG) Energy Storage (ES) Energy Consumption (EC) kWh SEPEE kWhES kWhEV kWhOKTEE kWhES kWhEV kWhNOVEE kWhES kWhEV kWhDEZEE kWhES kWhEV kWhJANEE kWhES kWhEV kWh2021FEBEE kWhES kWhEV kWhMÄREE kWhES kWhEV kWhAPREE kWhES kWhEV kWhMAIEE kWhES kWhEV kWhJUNEE kWhES kWhEV kWhJULEE kWhES kWhEV kWhAUGEE kWhES kWhEV kWh CO2 savingssince commissioning*of the…